About Our Business

VIAP (Versar International Assistance Projects) has established itself as the leading
construction management and engineering services firm in conflict/post-conflict regions.
Leveraging technology with a global reach, VIAP provides a cost-effective means of ensuring
contract compliance, construction quality, and delivery of projects under the toughest of

VIAP’s approach to construction management and quality assurance sets it apart from all
others in the construction industry; a strong belief that teamwork between owners/program
managers, contractors and end-users is the key to success in reconstruction and fast-track
construction operations has been our success. Established in 2004 to support the rapidly
international construction and engineering markets, VIAP today consists of over 550
engineering and construction management professionals in Iraq, supporting both the U.S
Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Air Force Reconstruction Programs. VIAP’s round-the-
clock engineering support staff in Manila, Philippines is comprised of over 50 engineers and
technicians, representing all engineering disciplines. VIAP brings the best engineering and
construction management talent to bear on any project, anywhere.

VIAP is a subsidiary of Versar, Inc., a specialized U.S. firm based in Springfield, Virginia.  
Versar, Inc has extensive experience in environmental engineering and remediation,
architecture, engineering, and construction. Versar, Inc’s 37 years of excellence in
government and private sector contracting and project execution provides a rock-solid
foundation for VIAP’s construction and quality management role in conflict/post-conflict areas
and developing nations. VIAP’s international operations are based in Manila, Philippines, and
VIAP maintains an engineering support office in Manila, providing round-the-clock multi-
discipline engineering support to all of our operations and clients in the field.
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